Facebook alters Organic Reach Measurement procedure; Notifies Page admins

organic reach measurement procedure

Facebook is introducing an all-new Organic Reach measurement procedure for their platform and has begun notifying Page admins that they might see a decrease in their organic reach.

Organic posts on Facebook will be measured more accurately, much akin to the way Sponsored Posts’ Reach is calculated, by considering the number of times a post enters the screen. Earlier, unpaid posts that were placed in a person’s News Feed were eligible to be calculated as organic reach, but with the introduction of the organic reach measurement procedure, paid and unpaid posts will be treated the same.

A screenshot tweeted by Matt Navarra, The Next Web’s Director of Social Media, highlights the new introduction and the changes that may surface.

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Although Facebook says that the organic reach measurement procedure may affect the unpaid posts from a Page negatively, it’s a healthy change in the long run since it considers the number of times an organic post appears on a screen, and not simply based on its inclusion on any given News Feed.

organic reach measurement procedure

Facebook further reassures admins by saying “This update doesn’t change how your posts are delivered, or who sees and engages with your posts. This is an update to the way we measure organic reach, which may result in changes to the reported numbers for your Page.”