#GlobalSamosa - Shell tries 'Closing The Gender Gap' with new spot

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#GlobalSamosa - Shell tries 'Closing The Gender Gap' with new spot

Shell, the global oil and gas company, is joining the conversation around gender gap, stereotypes and discrimination with a new spot titled Closing the Gender Gap in Engineering and Technology.

Rolled out on February 20th, the 2 minute spot was released on Shell’s social media accounts on Facebook and YouTube, but not on the company’s Twitter account. Closing the Gender Gap in Engineering and Technology has done well on both the platforms.

On YouTube, the spot has generated 165K Views, while on Facebook, the video fared much better with over 1.4M views and has received 36K reactions, 4.3K Shares and 550 Comments.

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Closing the Gender Gap in Engineering and Technology begins with a young girl looking into the camera, reading out the commonly discriminatory things said to and about women in the workplace.

Closing the Gender Gap

The focus of the comments gets narrower from the broader and generic comments and talks about the discrimination faced by women engineers in their field of work. Engineering and other technical professions are closely associated with Shell as an organization and the company is clearly attempting to raise awareness about the fact that they care about making the workplace all inclusive for all genders.

The spot then features a montage of what appears to be female engineers looking at the camera, while similar discriminatory and sexist comments made at the workplace, to and around women.

It then poses a question to the viewers, “Why is it we encourage young girls, but often discourage educated women?” as the comments then begin to transition into the ones that should be said, and the montage of straight-faced, visibly miffed women are replaced by smiling young girls.

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