#Infographic - The art and science of personal branding

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Feb 21, 2018 04:55 IST
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Understanding the subtle nuances and the nitty gritty of personal branding is what makes or breaks social media bloggers and Influencers today. Learn how to ace the art and science of personal branding.

Now, it’s not just bloggers and influencers that need to be careful about the way they present themselves online and on social media. With our personal, professional and even romantic lives intertwined with social media today, personal branding ensures you can deliver that valuable first impression.

More than 70% of employers say they screen a potential employee’s social media, while some prefer LinkedIn summaries to be even more influential than a resume itself. Even on social media platforms such as Instagram, unconcsciously present mental traits that play a decisive role in the general likeability and acceptance of a person. For example, wearing sunglasses, wearing closed smiles, and posting close ups of your face are perceived as less likeable traits.

All these and more insights about the art and science of personal branding are a part of this detailed Infographic below.

Personal Branding

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