#Infographic – The State of Video Marketing in 2018

video marketing in 2018

Videos on social media are being consumed more than any other form of content today and great things stand to be accomplished by video marketing in 2018.

Whether it’s entertainment from content creators, music videos from artists, or storytelling from brands, videos are the future of communication and content on social media with video marketing in 2018 touted to gain prominence like never before. Over 82% social media users prefer to interact and watch Live videos, whereas video is also the most shared form of content.

Furthermore, costs are expected to rise due to the increased demand of video content in advertising. Facebook itself witnessed a 74% Y-o-Y increase in spending in 2017 which speaks volumes of how greater things can be foreseen for video marketing in 2018 on social media.

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All these statistics, insights and more are a part of this detailed Infographic that collates the state of video marketing in 2018.

video marketing in 2018

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