Infographic - YouTube ranking and SEO hacks for improved discoverability

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YouTube ranking and SEO hacks

Among the millions of content creators on YouTube, only a few thousand have ever achieved the level of popularity they wished for. Not for the lack of creativity and talent, but discoverability. Which is why these YouTube ranking and SEO hacks are a must for you to learn.

Lots of things affect the ranking and discoverability of YouTube videos, and as many as ELEVEN different, and key aspects play a huge part when it comes to making your videos search friendly. This YouTube ranking and SEO hacks list is the result of studying 1.3Million YouTube videos and 65K search results on the video portal.

Factors such as the number of views, subscribers and shares do manage to affect the discoverability of YouTube videos and are the reason why at times established channels manage to outrank other content. Other key aspects that can help you make your videos rank better is knowing the fact that YouTube prioritizes longer videos over shorter ones, and the use of the target keyword into the title of the video also help.

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Check out this detailed Infographic that lists YouTube ranking and SEO hacks that can assist you with taking your channel to greater heights!

YouTube ranking and SEO hacks

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