Internet Moguls opens shops in Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai

Internet Moguls

Internet Moguls, one of Asia’s largest Digital Hospitality firms,is currently giving digital and PR solutions to hotels, travel companies, airlines and start-ups from across the globe.

Headquartered in Delhi, Internet Moguls was prevalent and active in the Capital city of India but now, it is expanding its wings and would be providing services from ventures based out in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.

We have expertise in Digital marketing and provide services such as Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Campaign Marketing, Revenue Management, Hotel Stories, PPC and PR Services.By strategizing every move of our clients, we make sure that their online presence reaches new heights of success in a considerate amount of time.

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Avijit Arya, Founder and Chief Mogulof Internet Moguls, said,“My dad told meto keep your ear on the ground and listen to what the market has to tell you. In doing so, my findings are that the market is looking for a more one stop shop and marketers with hotel experience,who can take over their projects and guarantee a turnaround.

Working with multiple vendors has failed miserably for many projects. Also, I know clients only work with the best,and there is no space for the second best. Thus, in an effort to remain strong and adopt every head ache our clients face in terms of how to grow new revenue through digital marketing, we are growing our touch points across the sub-continent.

Not confining to digital marketing services, our offerings also include free askaviarya e-course.If you come across a mogul on a flight or at a seminar or in the lobby of your hotel do say hello and know how to grow your business with social media.”

Internet Moguls is a digital agency for the hospitality industrythat aims to create online brand awareness across the globe. The agency has developed creative initiatives, and frequent in providing its services in PR and Digital Marketing in order to attain the best results.In addition, it also manages the digital marketing strategy for its social media presence on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.