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Social Samosa gets in conversation with Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman, Kent Ro Systems Ltd about the company's social media strategy and their recent marketing campaigns.

Kent Ro's latest campaign titled Razaai, which is a heartwarming video showcasing the bond shared between a son and his parents managed to garner over 8 million views within 3 weeks of the launch. In the past, the brand has been attributed with heartwarming campaigns such as - Vaadi - e -Kashmir.

In lieu of the strong campaigns created by the brand, Social Samosa gets in conversation with Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman, Kent Ro Systems Ltd to understand their marketing strategy and the changing digital marketing ecosystem.

Gupta shares details about the company's latest digital ads, their social media strategy for 2018, the idea behind tying up with social causes, and much more.

Excerpts below:

Your latest film 'Razaai' has crossed around 9 Million views, what has been the objective of the film?

The film creates a warming emotion in the viewer and instantly evokes affection/ Care towards his or her loved ones. The viewer subtly associates with Kent's mission of Purity - which is as Pure as Love itself.

The objective is to establish Kent's philosophy in every Consumer out there.

Which agency has worked on it and what was the brief given to them?

Jigsaw Production has produced the film, Sameer Agarwal being the Digital Strategist. This is a part of a series of films which are conceived to associate the purity of Kent RO’s water with the purity of love. Through the film, they were asked to reach out to the larger masses on digital platform and establish Kent's brand philosophy.

Your Vaadi-e-Kashmir campaign was also hugely popular. What was the idea behind this association?

Again, this was conceptualised by associating Kent's House of Purity with Purity of love. In this case, love for Kashmir. It was a call to the nation to send love to their brothers and sisters of Kashmir.

However, our last film 'Dahi' campaign was hugely successful. It got 50 million views in less than 60 days!

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Do you believe in influencer marketing, do online influencers play a big role in your digital marketing strategy?

We have experimented with Influencer marketing and results are very encouraging. For our Vaadi -e Kashmir video we got tremendous support from various stake holders. Some of the influencers who tweeted or shared the video were Prime Minister Modi, Sri Amitabh bacchan, Hema mailini jee, Sri sri Ravi shanker jee, Salman Khan, Kashmir tourism, local news channels of Kashmir these influencers made the video much larger then we had anticipated. With our other digital films also we have also experimented with Facebook influencer pages. Out last digital film 'dahi' crossed 50 million views on Facebook alone out of which over 30 million views were generated by Influencer support. The influencers also drove massive engagement for us with over million conversations derived exclusively by our influencers.

Please share your digital mix?

Our Digital Mix stands on the foundation of great content , and consists of social , email marketing, Search, great web experience, lead generation and digital news and entertainment.

Which online platform manages to give the maximum RoI on your efforts?

Facebook is our platform of choice in terms of maximizing ROI . It has not only helped us connect with our audience but has also lead to making positive attributions towards sales. E-commerce platforms are also helping us drive numbers. On newer platforms we have started working with ShareChat to get our digital content in front of vernacular audience and integrated WhatsAapp sharing.

On digital, are you trying to cater to any particular TG?

We see Digital as a great leveler in terms of access to both our existing customers and new prospective ones. Kent has now created new categories and Digital allows us to dissect and reach directly to individual TG's relevant to each product in the range. Infact digital is helps us to test markets, products at scale.

What is your digital marketing plan for 2018? Are there any campaigns or initiatives in the pipeline?

We have started 2018 with our new video touching 10 million views and massive engagement leading to measurable ROI. This year we will make sizeable new investments in building our smart home chef range on digital. And will increase our spends on all product categories . We are investing in newer formats of engaging and "how to" content and looking to build a network of digital influencers

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