PornHub’s copywriter is the reason for their parallel Twitter popularity

PornHub copywriter

While ‘Pornhub’ is self explanatory, and the website is well known for what they do, the brand is equally popular for their witty and hilarious Twitter activity. There is sufficient proof suggesting the PornHub copywriter is one of the best .

Surely I don’t have to tell you this, but you might know that Twitter is one of the strangest, and the most amusing of places to be. It’s a place where a fast food joint (read Wendy’s) roasts the life out of some, and has cultivated a parallel popularity for their wit and humour. Same goes for the PornHub copywriter who has achieved an incredible amount of notoriety for making people happy, but not like PornHub does.

Not much is known about PornHub’s copywriter, who is rumoured to be a girl named Aria, as is evident by the account name although all the other information about this person is sadly hearsay. Oh well, anonymous maybe but we don’t need a name to appreciate talent.

Here are some of the wittiest comebacks, replies, random tweets and captions from the PornHub copywriter behind the bulletproof image of PornHub on Twitter despite the general taboo associated with porn.


Honestly, this is exactly how good copywriters should be, and then, the world would be a much happier place. Just a little bit, but happier.

Do you pride yourself in creative writing? Are you able to churn out a digital plan for any brand out there? Now is your time to shine!

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