Snapchat Analytics are finally here and they are great!

Snapchat Analytics

Snapchat has finally decided to bless Influencers and content creators with perhaps the greatest Valentine’s Day they could have ever asked for: Snapchat Analytics!

Things are changing at Snapchat, and of course, you may have heard about the terrible, terrible new update that has people signing petitions against it.Although it’s good to see that not every new development from Snapchat has the potential to be universally hated. This one in fact, is going to be universally loved and cherished. Snapchat Analytics is finally going to make the platform a serious threat for Instagram Stories in terms of advertisers and faithful content creators.

Every content creator and Influencer that posts official Stories will be lucky enough to lay their hands on some brand new Snapchat Analytics that can finally allow them to prove their worth to advertisers and sponsors without having to labor for screenshots, as tweeted by Josh Constine from TechCrunch below.

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With the new comprehensive Snapchat Analytics, official partners and content creators will now be able to access;

“1. Total Story Views in the past week, month and year to date.

2. Time Spent Viewing Stories in minutes in the past week, month, and year to date.

3. Daily unique story viewers, average time unique viewers spent watching, and completion rates

4. Audience demographics like gender breakdown, top age bracket, and top geographic regions

5. Audience interests like which lifestyle categories like film and TV, food, fashion, and sports their audiences care about.” as reported by TechCrunch.

Have a look at how the new Snapchat Analytics will look;

Snapchat Analytics
Snapchat Analytics

One of the earliest adopters and popular Influencers, Shonduras spoke to TechCrunch claiming he had been looking forward to this day for years, and that he had been using them in Beta for a while and he loves them.

He also told TechCrunch that he had been “able to learn a ton about my audience, my male/female ratios on snapchat are significantly different than all my other platforms! which really helps me create content that is better served for my snap audience!”

Hopefully, these will plug the hole that was the gateway to a rising exodus of talent from Snapchat to Instagram Stories due to their earlier, slightly cold attitude towards Influencers.

What are your thoughts about the new Snapchat update, and Snapchat Analytics?

Are you stoked at the prospect of learning new things about your audience?

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