#RangonSeKyaDarna- Berger Paints ensure that walls can be cleaned easily

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Rangon Se Kya Darna


Berger Paints

Problem Statement

Holi is one of the nation’s most loved festivals and a time of great joy and celebration, with colours forming an integral part of the festivities.

However, in the past couple of years, people have slowly begun to curb their revelries due to the prevalence of colours getting everywhere, right from clothes to walls. Although clothes are easy to replace, the same cannot be said with walls. Many shy away from getting into the festive spirit fearing colours may leave their walls looking bad after the celebrations.

Taking into account the property of Berger Easy Clean, which ensures that even the most stubborn stains on walls can be cleaned easily, the brand wanted people to celebrate this colourful festival without fearing colours anymore.

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Berger Paints India hosted a contest that encouraged people to fearlessly play with colours in their homes and hearts.

The goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness of the product by encouraging people to demonstrate and share colourful selfies of themselves celebrating Holi, reinforcing the message of confidently playing with colours, with Rangon Se Kya Darna


A special hashtag was created for the contest and the campaign began a day before the festival, with promotions running through a range of online social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The mechanics of the contest was aimed at boosting organic reach with participants interacting, sharing and tagging Berger Paints with the contest hashtag.

The campaign aimed to generate audience participation and interaction, which is exactly what was achieved with contestants responding positively to the campaign and its message.


The contest was very well received and generated a large number of entries, with nearly 10 million impressions achieved and 200,000 engagements attained.

3 winners were picked based on a lucky draw and in addition to the buzz and engagement created, Berger Paints India gained a significant number of followers during the campaign’s time frame.

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