Star India launches the next leg of VIVO IPL’s Best vs Best campaign

Best vs Best

Following the recent launch of the Best vs Best VIVO IPL anthem that reverberated through the country and crossed over 15 million views across social media platforms in a short time, Star India launched the second phase of its campaign.

Best Vs Best attempts to answer the question on everybody’s mind from – from Bundelkhand to Madurai – As to who would win when a Tiger would take on another?

The national campaign: “Kaun Jeetega?” (Hindi) “Who would Win?” portrays a young child posing the question to all around him – as to who would win when two Tigers take on each other? As his question goes unanswered by everyone, his father takes him to watch an IPL match, concluding that, when a Tiger takes on another, the Tiger is always the winner.


The national campaign “Sher vs Sher” conceived and conceptualized by the Star Sports Creative team is directed by Shlok Sharma in Bundel khandi and Prakash Varma of Nirvana Films in Hindi, along with Vijay Praba karan in Tamil.

The iterations of the national TVC are a portrayal of how this simple question echoes across the nation. In Bundel khandi: “Kaun Jeete go?”, shot in Chambal and Tamil: “YāruJeyippāṅga?”, shot in Madurai features two brothers who are in a question and answer banter, as they go back home from school. The older brother is a “Know It All”, and has all the answers for his younger brother, but when they watch IPL on TV, he fails to predict the winner, concluding with the punchline that when a Sher takes on another Sher, the winner is always a Sher.

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The Tamil version of the TVC will also be translated into Malayalam: “AaruJa yikkum?”, Kannada: “Yaaru Gellut taare?” and Telugu: “Evaru Gelust haru?”.

The 11th edition of the VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 promises to be an unparalleled spectacle, where the Best vs Best take on each other. With each match expected to be action packed and results you can never predict.

Commenting on the launch of these films, Rahul Johri, Chief Executive Officer, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) said, “With fans across the globe waiting for the VIVO IPL 2018 to start, we decided to launch the second leg of the #Best Vs Best campaign today. It is all about the universal appeal of IPL. This aspect is something I believe will keep fans glued to all the action in VIVO IPL 2018 which will further enhance this global celebration of the brand IPL.”

Gayatri Yadav, President Consumer Strategy & Innovation, Star India said “The Sher vs Sher campaign is a representation of what VIVO IPL 2018 has in store for millions of cricketing fans across the globe. Continuing from the IPL anthem launch earlier this month, with this motive we would like to reinforce how intense and unpredictable the contest would be between the teams to win the coveted VIVO IPL 2018 trophy. This April stars from across the cricketing world descend upon India to prove their mettle in one of the most testing tournaments in the world giving fans across a truly exhilarating and nail-biting experience.”

The 11th edition of VIVO IPL starts on Saturday, April 07, 2018 with defending champions Mumbai Indians taking on Chennai Super Kings.

Creative details –

  1. Chambal
    1. Creative agency – Star Sports creative comms
    2. Director – Shlok Sharma
    3. Production House – Absolute productions
  2. Madurai
    1. Creative agency – Star Sports creative comms
    2. Director – Vijay Prabhakaran
    3. Production House – Radhika Produces Films
  3. Sher vs Sher
    1. Creative agency – Star Sports creative comms
    2. Director – Prakash Varma
    3. Production House – Nirvana films