Brand Factory’s Khade Thand Par Dhoka clocked a rise of 47k in Facebook followers

Khade Thand Par Dhoka


Brand Factory


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With the onset of winter, Brand Factory, the apparel chain of stores from Future Group devised a social media marketing campaign to promote their winter collection among the social media savvy Gen-Y audience with Khade Thand Par Dhoka.


The objective for Brand Factory’s Khade Thand Par Dhoka campaign was to promote their wide range of apparel and accessories options, part of their Winter Collection among social media audiences. The brand attempted to engage with the audience through a funny play on the popularly used cuss phrase.


Since the campaign was targeted towards the younger social media audiences, Brand Factory chose the quirky name Khade Thand Par Dhoka, wordplay on a popular slang term used by the Gen-Y.

Khade Thand Par Dhoka

The brand intended to convey a series of situations in the winter when things could go wrong, as the name suggests. Memes are a popular form of content on social media among the youth, therefore Brand Factory chose multiple memes based on the same theme, across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Brand Factory used popular meme formats and templates, and also created some unique templates expressly for the Khade Thand Par Dhoka campaign. Additionally, Brand Factory also created two short campaign videos based on themes that were relatable to the younger audiences and would resonate with them.


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The Total Reach of all the posts by Brand Factory for the Khade Thand Par Dhoka campaign clocked in at 10 Million across cities with the brand’s outlets, with more than 215,543 Engagements.

Of the total numbers, 2,56,122 engagements received on Facebook posts with an engagement rate of 3% were received on Facebook.

The two videos garnered over 4 million views with total engagement of 35,452.

Brand Factory observed an increase of more than 47K followers on their Facebook Page.