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popular hashtags on Instagram

Nearly 7 out of 10* hashtags on Instagram are branded, and hashtags are the backbone for content discoverability and engagement on the photosharing platform. Let us delve into some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram.

The photosharing platform boasts of more than 8Mn* business accounts on their platform, and 80%* of Instagram’s 800Mn users are connected to at least one business account. Hashtags not only help brands improve content discoverability, but are also the backbone of a UGC campaign and content curation. Not just brands, but this list of popular hashtags on Instagram is also immensely helpful to bloggers who are on the lookout for more engagement and wish to reach new audiences.

Ever since Instagram did away with their chronologically sorted feed, many bloggers and brands have witnessed their posts receive significantly lower engagement and reach, instead opting for hashtags to boost discovery. Out of the 95Mn* photos shared on the platform everyday, more than 70%* of the posts do not get the desired reach.

With Instagram’s latest hashtag following feature, using these popular hashtags on Instagram might turn out to be a hugely positive proposition for your business or blog. Check out this comprehensive breakdown of popular Instagram hashtags into several different categories.

popular hashtags on Instagram

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*Source: SproutSocial

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