Instagram finally rolls out re-sharing posts to Stories

Instagram Re-share

Instagram Re-share is here, though with a slight twist. Users can now share posts available for public viewing to their Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories adds yet another creative feature to its kitty, allowing users to reshare stories that are up for public viewing. According to a report by TechCrunch, the feature is on the lines of Twitter’s Quote Tweet, wherein users can embed others’ posts in their Instagram Stories.

The feature has been rolled out to a small set of audience; confirming the news, Instagram spokesperson wrote, “We’re always testing ways to make it easier to share any moment with friends on Instagram.”

The platform has been testing this feature from the beginning of 2018. In terms of how the sharing feature will work – users can pick any post available for public viewing and re-share it in their Instagram stories. They will have the option of resizing and editing the post to add imagery or comments. To view the original and permanent post, viewers have to click on the embed re-shared in that particular Instagram story, which will re-route them to the original post.

For those who prefer privacy, can turn of the re-share option and keep their posts safe within their profile.

Since Instagram has never had an official share button, this is a first. The feature will catalyse a change in user behaviour leading to a change in measurement metrics. So, now on Instagram too engagement could be measured in shares as opposed to Likes, which are comparatively easy to get.

Brands stand to gain the most, as users can now re-share their content directly, maximising their reach.

Instagram Stories has 300 million active users and the addition of every feature seems to be helping the social media giant in the right direction.