Linkedin survey reveals Indians rank happiness and health over money

Linkedin survey

Linkedin survey unveils Sixty-nine per cent Indians feel successful and have a positive and balanced outlook on achieving success.

The survey takes a closer look at what success means to professionals, what motivates them to go to work every day, how they define it, and the diverse factors that have an impact on whether they will achieve success.

Amongst 16 countries surveyed by international research firm You Gov, Indian professionals rank third in feeling successful; just after UAE in the first spot and Brazil in the second spot.

Success means happiness, good health, and fulfilling personal lives

Contrary to popular perception where more money means more success, the research highlights a paradigm shift in how Indians perceive success; only 22% attributing success to a “rise in paycheck” and 36% defining success in terms of “earning a six-figure salary”.

When asked to choose from multiple choices to define success, 72% Indians chose the option of ‘being happy’ as their ultimate definition. For others, good health (65%) and a healthy work-life balance (57%) were also seen as important indicators of success.

Indians confident about achieving success

Despite building pressures of a competitive job economy and rising inflation, one in 10 Indians (10%) feel optimistic about achieving success within one year, which is double the global average of 5%.

Seventy-nine per cent Indians feel that education plays a positive role in their ability to achieve success, along with other factors such as one’s age (61%), gender (56%), and the career they have chosen (68%), which also have a positive impact on future success.

Social success over professional success

Around 30% Indians think achieving social success is more important than achieving professional success, higher than the global average of 22%. Having good friends, getting the opportunity to travel, and finding time to cultivate new hobbies is how Indians recognise success today.

Additionally, 63% Indians believe success means different things to different people, and 49% Indians feel that success comprises both, long-term and short-term wins showcasing a balanced and healthy outlook to success.

“The growing optimism in India’s macroeconomic environment shines through in the confidence Indian professionals feel towards achieving success. While success means many different things to different people, it is heartening to see indicators like work-life balance, family time and health taking precedence over a six-figure salary. Through this survey, we encourage professionals to reflect upon what they’re in it for, what truly inspires and keeps them motivated in their professional journey,” said Deepa Sapatnekar, Head of Communications for India, LinkedIn.

Through this campaign, LinkedIn encourages the wider Indian workforce to think about what success means to them. The platform wants its members to think about the motivation behind their drive… about what they are in it for, and harness the support of its diverse member base to push forward.

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LinkedIn surveyed 18,191 adults across 16 countries: Australia (1,013), China (1,025), France (1.001), Germany (2,067), Hong Kong (1,004), India (1,004), Indonesia (1,055), Ireland (502), Italy (1,009), Netherlands (1,011), Singapore (1,113), Spain (1,045), UAE (1,045), UK (2,166) and United States (1,136). All figures have been weighted and are representative of adults (aged 18+). The survey was carried out online and the fieldwork was undertaken between October 12 – November 3, 2017. All the figures, unless otherwise stated, are from You Gov Plc.