Linkedin adds video filters, text styles and ask for referral button!

Linkedin video filters

Following the trend, LinkedIn has jumped the bandwagon of filters and text for their videos shared. Although the filters added are designed to fit into the work culture, the very idea of having filters to the videos on LinkedIn sounds naive to me!

LinkedIn is a platform to network and interact with people on a professional front and adding fun to it is expectable till a limit. And this is off limit! Especially when they are not fun at all. The idea of filter here is just a sticker, that makes a rather professional video, a tad bit childish.  

The currently announced filters are “On the Air” “side hustle” and “work high five”, with few more in pipeline to be launched as per the LinkedIn blog.  They also introduced some text styles “FifthAve”, “Geometric” and “Plain” in order to add context to the video, even when the sound is off.  

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How to use LinkedIn Filters –

    1. Download the latest version of LinkedIn App

    2. Tap the video icon in the share box

    3. Record or upload a video

    4. Add a filter or text by tapping the icons on the top right

    5. Drag and place the elements on the screen

LinkedIn first launched a filter for an event Grace Hopper Celebration in October, that eventually inspired the platform to launch it as a feature, and has decided to launch more event based filters in future.

LinkedIn also added a Ask for Referral Button on the jobs page. Needless to say that the platform and the recruitment industry revolves around testimonials and referrals from industry connects, seniors and colleagues. Most recruiters agree to the fact that referral is helps in quality hire. Thus adding a button to ask for referrals from someone in your network will definitely increase the probability of landing into that job.


  1. See jobs where you already know someone through the “In Your Network” search filter on LinkedIn Jobs.
  2. Easily request a referral by clicking the “Ask For A Referral” button on jobs where you know people.
  3. Know what to say with suggestions on how to craft your message and put your best foot forward.


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