Mumbai Stops For MOM – an ode to people who live away from home

Mumbai Stops For MOM

Meal Of The Moment launches Mumbai Stops For MOM as n ode to numerous people who stay away from home for their dreams and passions.

In the fast paced urban life its a luxury to have healthy delicious home food at all times. Meal Of The Moment revolutionizes the culinary convenience in the country by offering consumers a unique experience. M.O.M (Meal of the Moment) which brings you mouth-watering ready to eat food that’ll transport you back home. Their Digital TVC for 2018 is an ode to all those people in Mumbai who have left their homes to build on their dreams. It is titled ‘Mumbai Stops For MOM’.

The ad film has been conceptualized and developed by creative agency Gramini Media Pvt Ltd, India. The campaign was rolled out on March 14, 2018 across Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

The film beautifully makes a simple point: “Even on the busiest day, we always find time for home” The film sets out showing the chaotic life of mumbaieveryday. Under the chaos lies a symphony that beats like the heart of mumbai. But however busy people here get, they still stop to answer when MOM calls. Mumbai stops for MOM. The film tunes itself into the life of a girl who has moved into the big city. We can hear her heartwarming conversation with her anxious mother. The film closes with her reassuring her mother that “Ab khaane koi chintanahihai, UskaAcchaIntezaam ho gayahai”

Announcing the new campaign, Prateek & Mugdha Bhagchandka, co-founders of M.O.M Meal Of The Moment said, “In many ways this video will introduce our brand to consumers so we wanted to portray what the brand truly stands for– making everyday meal moments special with mom’s love! The beautiful relationship mothers share with their children – young and old – and how that love and care manifests itself through food most often. I think the Gramini team has captured this beautifully and we are very excited to share this with the digital world.”

Kuber Sarup, Creative Director at Gramini Media said, “It was definitely exciting to work with a brand with the potential to transform the Indian RTE market, but more than that it was really a privilege working with the brand team who understand the nuances and needs of what the customer wants. ”

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