Social Beat revamps brand identity

Social Beat

Social Beat, a digital marketing solutions company, announced their re-branding to give the company a fresh identity and perspective, with the same bold promise of ensuring ROI via digital marketing.

The new brand identity launched today, symbolises the progressive vision of the company. From the choice of contemporary fonts to the colours used, every aspect of the logo is an embodiment of the values, culture and innovative methods used by the company for business results.

“With our promise of ‘ROI driven Digital Marketing’, Social Beat today is a powerhouse of talent, creativity, strategy and innovation to meet the business objectives of the brands that are entrusted to us. Our expertise with video content, as well as platforms such as Influencer and 22 Languages makes us the ideal digital marketing solutions partner for brands and businesses as they seek to engage with audiences in both urban and rural markets. Our new logo is a direct expression of this professionalism, capabilities and focus on results”, said David Appasamy – Head of Brand and Strategy.

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According to Mr Suneil Chawla, Co-founder of Social Beat, “As we progress from being a startup to a meaningful player in the digital ecosystem, it is time we open doors and charge head-first towards a phase of rapid growth and impactful creativity. The re-brand is the first step towards this objective.”

The new brand identity was designed by the in-house creative team, led by Panisa Shah, Creative Head, Social Beat. After weeks of brainstorming and ideation, a design approach that is minimal, contemporary, clean and business-like was developed. Apart from the new logo, the company has also re-launched their website with a simple yet captivating UX.

“We developed a mini malistic, contemporary logo with clear-cut edges and a bold, yet refined design language that is a reflection of our distinctive identity. We wanted to capture our passion, energy, creativity and professionalism in a memorable way”, added Panisa.

Every component of the logo has a rationale of its own that throws light on the values, ethics and passionate spirit of Social Beat.

Solid colours with a rock-solid approach: The colour strategy behind the logo was to combine the enthusiastic vibe of orangish red with the reliability and expertise of royal blue. “A typical day at Social Beat is replete with fresh ideas and vibrant minds working towards reinforcing our clients’ trust and confidence in us. So we chose a vibrant red to represent our passion, creativity and energy; while royal blue represents our dependability and trustworthiness.”, said Panisa on the choice of colours in the new logo.

Bettering the lettering: The company opted for an uppercase, clean, sans-serif font to portray the professionalism they offer with their promising and dignified image.

Forward is the way to go: The forward arrows represent the result-driven business generation approach and the progressive vision of the company.

Energetic, enthusiastic and youthful: The strategically placed flash symbol symbolises the energetic and dynamic nature of the team, driven by fresh ideas and new-age concepts.

Strategy comes full-circle: The circle encompassing the logo stands for the holistic digital marketing solution that Social Beat offers to each of its clients.

Abhishek Kumar, Head of Social Beat Bangalore, sees the relaunch as a step towards having a clear brand differentiation in the market. “We have re-envisioned our brand identity to accelerate towards our goal of becoming amongst India’s top digital marketing solutions companies. This new identity resonates with our USP of delivering ROI to our clients by being a holistic digital marketing solutions provider. It’s a brand new identity but the same bold promise”, he stated.