Twitter kicks off International Women’s Day early with #HereWeAre


Twitter doesn’t usually opt for advertisement, and more so, going for the antithesis of their very existence, a TVC! But they did with a prestigious Oscars spot titled #HereWeAre, kicking off International Womens Day slightly early.

#HereWeAre is Twitter’s message of strength and unity to women all over the world, no matter their color, ethnicity, body type and any other arbitrary differences between human beingsn, more specifically women.

Featuring a montage of female diversity to the tune of a poem written and recited by Denice Forhman, a well known poet, activist and advocate of women empowerment.

It goes, “I heard a woman becomes herself the first time she speaks without permission…..” and is an empowering and admirable poem but it backfires for Twitter itself considering it’s infamous tryst with harassment, abuse and other unsavoury attributes that women have to endure on the platform, attached to it.

That part did not go unnoticed, as many women took to Twitter to highlight the futility of it.

Sure enough, the video and the message behind it is beautiful and particularly well made, although women are raising legitimate concerns over the rampant abuse meted out towards women by Twitter trolls.

Similar such complaints were directed at Twitter for not doing enough can be spotted under the #HereWeAre Twitter feed, and need to do more in light of several women empowerment movements gainin momentum all over the world.