Twitter introduces Timestamps - a new way to share live videos

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Twitter Timestamps

Twitter prides itself upon being the enablers of brevity and keeping that in mind, Twitter Timestamps were introduced today.

Twitter Timestamps are an easy way to Tweet that brief moment of what matters from longer, live videos. "Sometimes, people want to draw attention to the specific moment in a live video that made them think, surprised them, or made them laugh."

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Previously, people could only Tweet an entire live video, which made it difficult to discuss what matters most. Observing that people were Tweeting with the specific time in the video directing others to the part they wanted them to watch, Twitter was inspired to create Timestamps.

Twitter Timestamps lets anyone Tweet a live or replay video starting from the exact moment they want to discuss.

Sharing Timestamps is easy. When you tap to share a live video, you can easily scroll back to the exact time you want your audience to watch. From there, add your thoughts, and Tweet it to the world.

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Anyone seeing your Tweet will start watching at the time within the video you shared. If the broadcast is still live, they can easily skip to what’s happening by tapping “live” at any time. The feature is available for any live video, whether from a professional content publisher or someone broadcasting from their phone.

"People have always used Twitter to talk about the things they experience. With Timestamps, now people can show rather than just tell everyone what’s happening." the company said in a press release.

This update is rolling out today on Twitter for Android and iOS, and Periscope; read more about how to share from Periscope here.

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