YouTube Reels – Another version of Stories, but maybe better

YouTube Reels

YouTube is experiencing some severe F-O-M-O on being one of the few platforms to have not contemplated launching Stories on their platform, but there is a huge twist that makes things interesting for YouTube Reels.

Yes, YouTube Reels is the tentatively official name for their version Stories, currently under Beta testing with a few select bloggers, and you may assume that we don’t need Stories being shoved into our faces on yet another platform, wait.

First things first, YouTube isn’t Facebook so you won’t be seeing YouTube Reels being crowned at the top of your YouTube Mobile or Webpage, obstructing your familiar YouTube experience. Instead, the company has opted to keep it on a separate tab altogether, to be accessed by users if they wish to.

Second, and slightly more importantly, AR. Yes, AR and Stories isn’t exactly a new matrimony with Snapchat having whacked out a few of their versions of it with World Lens, Deluxe Friendmoji and SkyFilters.

YouTube’s AR is much more impressive and of course I’ll tell you why.

YouTube Reels

Keeping things as simple as adding a Snapchat or Instagram face filter, YouTube Reels will allow users to do some expert level background editing, on par with the green screen treatment for films, WITHOUT the green screen.

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“The company is using neural networks to identify and separate a subject from the background.” writes Chaim Gartenberg from The Verge.

YouTube Reels

AI and Machine Learning are at the heart of this new revolutionary introduction from Google, news of which first surfaced in November last year.

Suffice to say YouTube isn’t rushing things and intend to launch a product devoid of kinks and bugs after working with some of their most trusted people.

If it’s non-intrusive and has a ton of interesting content to watch (discoverability: Snapchat suffers and Instagram excels with this), I would love to use YouTube Reels.