How to upload multiple videos and pictures on Instagram Stories?

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Instagram Stories Multiple Uploads feature

In yet another update, Instagram stories is now to empower users with the ability to upload multiple photos and videos at once. Result? Users can upload 10 pictures or videos on Instagram Stories through the recent update. How? Check out below...

  1. You will now see a carousel like icon at the top right corner of your Instagram Stories screen, that will allow you to select more than one picture.
  2. Further, each picture will appear in a lined up preview format, letting you edit and add stickers/GIFs and apply other creative tools available on Instagram stories to each of them separately.
  3. The photos and videos will appear in the same order as you selected them from your phone’s gallery. Once you post, all the videos and pictures will appear in one flow, adding higher aesthetic continuity and impact to your pictures.

Instagram Stories Multiple Uploads feature

Also, it’s also now faster to find the right place when adding the location sticker to a photo or video you’re uploading to your story. The location sticker will suggest places from near where your media was captured — making it easier to tag that great taco spot, even if you didn’t exactly remember what it was called.

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The multiple upload feature is sure a boon to influencers and creators, always on the lookout for new engaging formats that able them add more content.

In the last six months, Instagram Stories have seen a number of updates keeping their arch rival Snapchat on its toes. Instagram Stories surpassed its competition rather too easily by crossing 250 million daily active users within a year of its launch.

Let’s see what Snapchat has under their belt to up their game.

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