Tanmay Bhat, Biswa Kalyan Rath & Zakir Khan debut as villains in the Indian version of Jetpack Joyride

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Bringing popular YouTube influencers in an Indian game, Bangalore-based Mech Mocha announced the launch of the Indian version of Jetpack Joyride.

YouTube sensations Tanmay Bhat, Biswa Kalyan Rath and Zakir Khan are featured in the game as villains of the three different worlds with 100+ levels, and would compete heads-on with the players. Gamers can not only combat their favourite YouTube influencers in various challenges but also attempt to knock them down in boss fights. Comedy-adjacent gaming, a well established trend over the globe where market leaders like Supercell, Nexon, Tencent work with streamers & YouTube influencers in game promotions.

Facing these three menacing villains is BarryKanth, the Billionaire-Playboy-Genius who's got brilliant intellect and the urge to create a range of awesome jetpacks and gadgets. In addition to Indianized characters including scientists and vehicles, the game features a different backstory and has implemented level-based gameplay, along with the classic endless running mode re-imagined as "Challenges". This is consistent with Indian players’ behavior of consuming byte size content. The game will replace the international version by Australian game developer Halfbrick Studios, on all popular Indian app stores.
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 Jetpack Joyride India will feature a wide range of vehicles and jetpacks keeping in mind the popular culture in India. Vehicles like Dr. Dragon, Boogie Woogie & Toofani Ryder have been re-imagined from the originals with an Indian twist. While the fan favorite Machine Gun Jetpack returns, new additions such as the Bar Hopper Jetpack, ISRO Rocket Jetpack, Lassi Power Jetpack & Dhamaka Jetpack are all set to take the players on a Joyride of their lives.
For the first few weeks of launch, Mech Mocha has a wide range of special events in the game using the “Challenges” mode that are focused at engaging players. To capture this summer's cricket fever, events themed around IPL (Indian Premier League) are all set to excite cricket fans who take quick breaks in between the matches.
Commenting on the launch, Arpita Kapoor - CEO, and Co-founder, Mech Mocha said, “We are proud to unveil the Indian version of Jetpack Joyride, a game that has won hearts of every mobile gamer across the globe. We are a developer-publisher and we only partner with games which can benefit from deeper localization. While Indian players will appreciate the characters and narrative we have built, they will also have a truly world-class gaming experience. We are confident that ‘Jetpack Joyride : India Exclusive’ will find a lot of love among Indian players and will be a trend-setter for how global games can be localized for Indian players.”'
Shaniel Deo, CEO of Halfbrick Studios added, “Ever since our partnership with Mech Mocha, we were sure of the love that the team had for Jetpack Joyride brand. The team has gone above and beyond of what is expected from a publishing partner and we wish them best.”
With this launch, Jetpack Joyride has become the first international game to be launched by Mech Mocha in the Indian market. As the only publisher in India that has both, in-house development, art and marketing capabilities - Mech Mocha has a unique edge for publishing localized globally hit games after localizing them for India. The company further plans to continue developing and publishing Indian-centric content, leveraging its cutting-edge capabilities in behavioral analytics, LiveOps capabilities and monetization.
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