Human moderators to eliminate offensive content on YouTube Kids

offensive content on YouTube Kids

YouTube has proactively taken the initiative of ensuring no unfortunate lapses or influx of offensive content on YouTube Kids, the wholesome, more kid friendly version of YouTube by choosing to opt for human moderators.

When it comes to kids, its much safer to trust actual people than algorithms that tend to sift through tremendous amounts of content, but are prone to err, and also lack the objectivity that a human moderator brings to the table. In light of repeated infractions when offensive content on YouTube Kids was spotted, the company has decided to entrust the job to humans and go old school.

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Among the usual, yet highly disturbing trend of offensive or sexually suggestive content featuring children’s characters that surfaced on YouTube Kids, Business Insider recently reported that even conspiracy theory videos were making the rounds. Videos that discuss popular malarkey such as ‘the Earth is flat; 9/11 was an inside job’ and that the ‘Moon landing was faked’.

These videos and content defeat the purpose of having a YouTube Kids app altogether.

David Icke, a renowned conspiracy theorist who believes in the ‘Lizard Illuminati’, among other things. 

YouTube will now offer an alternate version of the YouTube Kids app within the original app, that the parents can opt for, which will contain videos and channels approved by YouTube’s team of human moderators. Existing parallely would be the algorithmic-ally curated version of the YouTube Kids app.

This could arrest the spread of offensive content on YouTube Kids and of course, may never result in the complete eradication of content that shouldn’t exist on YouTube Kids, but will deliver a significant impact in their fight against loopholes and curation lapses.

The new alternate version is said to rolling out in the next few weeks, and could be a significant improvement if it does manage to create a vast library human approved and curated content that parents and children both can enjoy.