Platform Feature – InUni


About the Platform

A brief introduction about the platform,  business, founders and team.

InUni is a network of city centric apps that place seach city at the epicenter of the platform and weaves the entire experience around it.

Conceptualized in 2017 and incubated at Amity Innovation Incubator Centre, Noida InUni is regional and city content discovery platform start-up. The start-up focuses on aggregating content for cities, thus providing the user’s city specific information in real time basis to discuss, connect, interact and share with people from all over the city on a mobile app. With an objective of creating on the go engaging hyper local social experiences, InUni aims to enhance user experience with a focus on cost growth hacking strategy. i.e. using word-of-mouth on a big scale to achieve the exponential growth rates.

InUni is the brainchild of ShashankRai, Ashutosh Singh and Abdullah Haq, Anil Giri all hailing from tier- 2 towns working in Delhi.The idea was therefore conceptualised in 2017 with the support of Amity Innovation Incubator, Noida, now running with a team of 8.

Whom do we cater to?

InUni has launched regional city specific, content discovery platforms, focusing on curating experiences for these towns, providing localized content for users to engage, connect, interact and share with fellow users.

What do we offer to our consumers?
Standalone city apps published by InUni are gateways to experience the city in real-time for everyone that is any shape or form connected to it. It showcases the buzz and essence of each city in a clutter free manner empowered with seamless user experience.

With easy swipes, users can find the latest news, photos and information from trusted sources; get real-time city updates from other users and even the government.

What motivated us to start up?
We all the Co-Founders hail from small town, and though we now live in metro cities we are always curious to know what is happening in our home town.

There was no source apart from asking from our friends and relative living there, this problem used to tinker in our mind, we always used to discuss this problem among ourselves, and after certain level of discussion we decided to come up with platform that provides local information which is relevant, and hence InUni was conceived.

What’s in a name?

InUni is acronym for In-Universe, “You place yourself in any city and desire to get information of that City”, such as if you are in Varanasi then download In Varanasi and get all the info of Varanasi.

How do we see Social Media?

Social Media is powerful channel which has strong impact on our society, and it will continue to have strong presence down the line, may be the language, form and expression may change, but this thing will continue. In our InUni Platform also we have incorporated certain elements of social Media, like Like, Sharing & Profile etc.

Currently we are….

We started with a small team of 2 people, and after six months of time we are now 8 People in our team.
In short span of time we are having top 5 position in play store search result. And getting decent Downloads everyday.

Most Typical thing our Time of Consumption is growing roughly by 20% every week.
We publish more than 20,000 article each day and it gets updated every minute.

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Our biggest challenge was..

We found getting the right team was our greatest challenge.

We want to dominate the world by..

InUni will be content based transactional platform. For now we will only say InUni will be Local personalized content curator, but yes there is something magical that will be cherry to this content in near future.

We’re making moolah by…
Right now we are focussing on our Product. We have a solid BMC which we don’t want to discuss right now.

Our What The **** Moment
Most funny incident that happened with us was to watch WhatsApp group that we created for promotion of our APP, particularly in Gujarati, many people are active on this group, and we all (inUni Team) don’t understand the conversation, just correlate things by the images or videos posted in such groups.

Industry as we foresee

What do you think the Indian social media industry will look like in the coming years?
regional language content consumption surged ahead of English content consumption in India’s internet ecosystem.

Presently, digital media consumption in Tier-2 towns is ripe for innovative new habit forming products.The user base that makes up the regional language in India grew 41 percent from 2011-16 to reach 234 million users.

The same segment is forecasted to grow to 536 million users in 2021. In comparison, English content consumer are expected to plateu at 199 million users by 2021.. Low-moderate adoption levels of news consumption make this a high growth segment. By 2021, regional language consumption will account for 75% of India’s internet user base.

Lastly, Are you hiring?

As of now we are not hiring.