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To call social media marketing futuristic could be fatal. The agile medium is for the NOW, bridging the brand-consumer divide with humane communications backed by precision of data merged with creativity. In the process, brands have time and again re-created milestones adding sophistication in techniques with every passing day.

Promoting best practices, benchmarking in the Indian Social Media Industry, Social Samosa is euphoric to announce the arrival of the second leg of Best Social Media Brands.

Best Social Media Brands ascertains a brand’s DNA through their social media performance, measured qualitatively and quantitatively on the brand’s attempt to drive varied objectives including winning over new audiences, creating brand advocacy, acquire leads, and more.

The second chapter of Best Social Media Brands is foraging for human brands, managed to have disrupted a fairly new medium with innovation, raw creativity, and responsibility. Brands can enrol across 19 parent categories and one Special Awards category (with 14 sub-categories).

The winners will be awarded with the Sammie, which stands as a manifestation of Social Media Brands that displayed exemplary skills and innovation for decisive engagement.

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Siddharth Banerjee, Executive Vice President, Vodafone India, the Jury Chair for Best Social Media Awards, said, “This set of prestigious awards recognizes clients and agencies across diverse industries who have 3 things in common – a passionate keenness on consumer insights, a creative magnifier which is relevant to both the audience and to the medium, and a differentiated take on leveraging social media platforms. This year, the Sammie Awards has become even bigger and bolder – using a well-defined three stage process – from Shortlisting via Digital Partners, rigorous selection via a diverse and vibrant Jury and a 10% weightage from online judging (to make the process a little social). We are keen to have the best and the brightest work to be shared and recognized in this forum, so please do encourage your teams to participate and learn from this process. Best wishes and cheers!”

Additionally, industry stalwarts such as Apruva Chamaria, Chief Revenue Officer, Rategain; Prashanth Challapalli, Chief Integration Officer At Leo Burnett; Sanjay Mehta, Jt. CEO, Mirum India; Shoumyan Biswas, VP Marketing at Flipkart; Sulina Menon, Mangaging Partner, OMD India and Vivek Bhargava, CEO, DAN Performance Group will preside over the jury panel.

In a multitude of agencies and platforms, a few brands have managed to thrive, evolving into true social media evangelists. Best Social Media Brands is a symbolic token of respect and admiration for Influential Brands who lead the pack to shape the future of Social Media Industry.

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