Snapchat working on Snappables, a new interactive feature


Snapchat has been on a roll as they have continued to introduce new features consistently since the new year began, and another possible feature has been spotted in the code of their latest Beta, titled Snappables.

Being termed an interactive feature between friends, the Snappables code was first spotted and reported by Ivan Mehta from KillerFeatures. A version of this particular feature is already said to be available to some premium Snapchat accounts belonging to celebrities and Influencers.

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“Send Snappables to invite viewers to play along! They can add themselves to this Snap, see who else is in it, and save or share it with others. Your stickers, drawings, and other creative edits are removed when a recipient joins in.” reads the description of the code which indicates Snapchat’s commitment towards facilitating more conversation among users.”


This commitment was also reinforced by the introduction of Group Video Chat on the platform for up to 16 people! That is some serious improvement over Instagram who offers Live Video Guests and is rumored to be working on Calling and Video Calling capabilities on Instagram Direct Messenger.


Snapchat introduced the same back in 2016 and claim that calling on Snapchat has been a successful introduction.

The company also unveiled another new update that allows users to tag their friends on their Snaps using @ and their Snap account name, something that has been available on Instagram for a while now.

Overall with Group Video Chat, @mentions and Snappables, Snapchat appears to have a few tricks up their sleeve which could help them slowly, but surely breach the 200m user mark this year.