Snapdeal’s delivery by pigeons service is the funniest joke you’ll see on the internet today!

Snapdeal pigeons

It is that time of the year again! Look out for every call, every text, and every post on social media – it could be an April fool’s day prank! Well, look out for this post too. Nah, kidding and so is Snapdeal in their April fool’s day campaign, and you have to admit it is downright hilarious.

Snapdealtook an innovative approach, blending the April fool’s day prank in their brand personality, making it swanky, fun, and believable; at one point making you think – wow this kind of does sound believable.

Wonder what it is? Check it out here.

Taking a chapter right out of ‘Kabootar ja ja’ the brand convinced the viewers that after serious R & D, the brand has managed to find the next new disruptive e-commerce solution – delivery by pigeons. That’s right!

Now, if you haven’t seen the video yet, you might think, this is obviously a prank, but as you go on to actually see it, trust me you’re going to be wowed. Shot in the perfect professional documentary manner, the video features people in designations such Chief of Innovation & Design (CID) and Logistics Expert.

The video progresses as these experts go on to describe the next logistics wave, explaining the R & D, training, and technology invested in making the pigeon delivery happen. Terms such as natural GPS, chip and blockchain, make the concept as real as it can get. Not to mention the URL– – the brand has left no stone unturned in making it look the next new innovation.

So much so that even was fooled!

Snapdeal pigeons

The campaign comes across as authentic and earnest, leaving the viewer to scratch their chin in wonder. No funny background scores and no over the top sell, Snapdeal has managed to create an interesting and fun April fool’s day prank.

Snapdeal pigeons Snapdeal pigeons Snapdeal pigeons Snapdeal pigeons Snapdeal pigeons

While some even had genuine questions about the service:

Snapdeal pigeons

This has been some April fool’s day fun!