Tetley Green Tea’s latest spot ft Deepika Padukone is basically all of us

Tetley Green Tea

Healthy eating is easier said than done. Are you easily tempted by food and have trouble balancing cravings and needs of your body?

In their recent campaign featuring Deepika Padukone, Tetley Green Tea shares a relatable tale of healthy eating!

Battling a series of temptations, the campaign is a narrative of the daily struggles faced by every individual trying to eat healthy and in this case Deepika Padukone. Deepika Padukone all set to gobble her healthy breakfast, but faltering when her grandmother offers her generously buttered up parathas. It happens again, during her fitness hour, when you see Padukone giving in to the cravings for a Samosa. Like most of us, Padukone has a hard time saying no to food, especially when offered by a loved one.

Enter – Tetley Green Tea! The commercial brings alive the Tetley Green Tea’s brand position as the beverage which cleanses leaving you feeling refreshed and active. Further, the narrative shares how this is possible, as Tetley Green tea has 5 times more antioxidants than an apple.

Antioxidants are a crucial component of nutrition from food as they prevent oxidation and cleanse your system from inside

Titled, Andar Se Clean Bahar Se Active, the ad campaign captures the battle against lip-smacking foods. The Film further exhibits a relatable story, shedding light on everyday situations that a common Joe faces, despite their intent and attempt to eat clean and stay healthy.

The campaign manages to put its points across well, and is accompanied by a peppy track in the background that is not only delightful to watch and is extremely relatable at the same time.