MTV suggests 'Baaki Sab Bujhao, Agarbatti Jalao' this #WorldNoTobaccoDay

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Baaki Sab Bujhao, Agarbatti Jalao

For years, smoking has been a ‘conversation starter’ of sorts. Be it college, work or social gatherings, smoke breaks have seen strangers become best buds. This World No Tobacco Day, MTV India launched a new campaign titled Baaki Sab Bujhao, Agarbatti Jalao.

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The video for Baaki Sab Bujhao, Agarbatti Jalao features three men of different generations trying to smoke early in the morning. The video ends with the eldest man coming out of the house and lighting incense sticks instead of a cigarette. The video addresses a serious issue like smoking in a very interesting and comical manner. MTV manages to tackle a subject like anti smoking in their true blue youth connect language.

The campaign, Baaki Sab Bujhao, Agarbatti Jalao, comes ahead of the World No Tobacco Day to be observed all around the world on May 31. Because of its funny and light nature, the video has received more than 5.4K expressions and 193K views on Facebook and 740 views on Twitter.

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