Brand names that are a part of daily conversations!


These brands have managed to synonymise themselves with situations, moments, and more, entering daily conversations and achieving ultimate brand recall.

Names are essentially nouns – words essentially used to identify “any of a class of people, places, or things.” And that’s what most brands have always been – nouns, often called out when someone is referring to them. When these nouns however, turn into verbs magic happens!

How often do you say statements like – WhatsApp it to me or asked for a Bisleri when you wanted mineral water. Too often right? The digital age demands brands to quit the God voice and engage in human conversations, either through the medium of quality service or communication and preferably both. And some brands have beautifully managed to achieve this level of verb-ism, so as to find themselves in daily conversations, representing an entire industry.


A tablet for pain relief and general well being, Crocin manages to represent an entire segment of the health and medical industry.

Notice the copy: Half Girlfriend, Full Crocin


Instant Noodles have been synonymous to Maggi for the longest; market awareness in the category has definitely witnessed a sift, though Maggi’s brand awareness continues to stay phenomenal.


How many times has your mom scolded you for leaving behind a Tupperware even if it was a box of some other brand. In face Tupperware memes is a huge rage on social media!


Call it early mover advantage or quality service, WhatsApp is synonymous to instant messaging in India. A number of video content pieces are in the format of WhatsApp chats and that says a lot.



‘PayTM it to me’ has been a common verb for transferring online; the brand has surely earned it.


Gone are the days of picture perfect and Kodak moment, it is now all about Insta moments.

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Most of us wouldn’t even know what to call it, if not Sellotape.

There are many Sellotape DIYs too.


I am Facebook-ing refers to so many things – scrolling for time pass, updating photos, checking in – the list is endless.

Facebook drama, Facebook Jail, yes, there are many, many, terms like these.


Mineral water as n industry has been known as Bisleri and in many parts of the country still continues to do so.

In spite of many examples, instances of human brands have been far and scattered. We are on the lookout of such brands that have managed to humanize themselves in this day and age where every industry is cluttered and attention span is scarce. If you pride yourself for working on such brands, nominate NOW. The well-deserve SAMMIE awaits you.