Facebook announces the addition of new elements to Ads Manager

Atharva Pande
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Facebook announced the addition of some new elements in the Ads Manager this week. This addition came as a response to the user requests in helping to compare campaign performance. The recent additions include improvement in Ads reporting and changes in the side editing panel to review campaigns.

Facebook announced the addition of new elements such as improvement in ads performance and adding a new campaign structure in the side editing panel.

The feature dealing with the improvement in Ads reporting ensure faster ad performance. This new version focusing on metrics, makes it easier for the marketers to analyze. As a part of the new feature, the marketers can now drag and drop metrics to customize their report. Thus, with this new addition, marketers can easily analyze dimensions such as age, gender, placement alongwith the ad performance.

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In addition to this, Facebook has also made changes in the side editing panel. Now, one can view, review and edit all their campaigns in one place with the new campaign structure added to the side editing panel.  As a part of this new feature, marketers can compare the results across campaigns , ad sets or ads and analyze the effectiveness of their campaigns accordingly.

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FB Ads

Thus, formed after last year's Facebook Power Editor and Ads Manager merger, these new elements would enable the Facebook marketers to customize, contextualize, analyze and understand their campaigns quite effectively.




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