Facebook Voice Posts, Archive and Cloud Storage – 3 new updates for Stories!

Facebook Voice Post

Facebook is introducing three interesting new features to Facebook Stories and are rolling out these features exclusively to their Indian audience. Facebook Voice Posts, Story Archive and a new cloud access on Facebook to save pictures taken with Facebook Camera.

Facebook Voice Posts on Stories have the ability to work like small podcasts or voice notes on WhatsApp and are visibly similar to the ‘text only’ Stories templates that Instagram and Facebook both offer on Stories already. Beyond celebrities putting this service to use, wider usage can’t be foreseen.

Facebook Voice Posts

Although Facebook Stories continue to languish behind it’s more successful siblings on WhatsApp and Instagram, the social network continues to introduce new changes in an attempt to salvage user adoption for the service.

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Accompanying Facebook Voice Posts are the new Facebook Stories Archive and cloud access for your ephemeral memories. Regular Snapchat users might be familiar to the cloud saving access on Facebook although the latter requires you to be logged in to access said pictures and videos, whereas Snapchat saves them to your device. People owning handsets with limited storage space might be the primary beneficiaries of this feature.

Facebook Voice Posts

Lastly, the Facebook Stories Archive allows users to save their favourite Facebook Stories (yes the ones that aren’t even being made) to a separate section where they can live forever. A similar feature and another public version, both are available on Instagram titled, Instagram Stories Highlights, and Stories Archive respectively.

Facebook Voice Posts

Roughly 10 people from my sufficiently vast Friends List use Facebook Stories, and beyond accidentally clicking on them (only to find they were cross-posted through Instagram), I neither engage with nor use the service.

Since it’s introduction, Facebook hasn’t yet released any numbers for Facebook Stories, while they were the ones who ecstatically announced their accomplishment when they racked up 100M users, more than half of Snapchat’s user base on Instagram Stories within two months time.

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