Farhan Akhtar flaunts his brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee on Instagram

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Bollywood star Farhan Akhtar appears to be a firm believer of ‘When you’re the best, you deserve the best’ as he recently got his hands on the flagship SUV from Jeep, the Grand Cherokee.

In possession of an illustrious career and being a man of exceptional talent, Farhan Akhtar is well known for not settling for anything that isn’t good enough and the Jeep Grand Cherokee certainly fits the bill.

Farhan was provided with the keys to the newest grand addition to his exclusive garage by none other than Jeep India boss, Kevin Flynn, welcoming Farhan Akhtar to the Jeep family.

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Proudly flaunting his very own Jeep Grand Cherokee, Farhan was positively exuberant as he posed with the car as the cameras clicked away. He still wasn’t done showing off his new prized possession as he posted a picture with his swanky new car on Instagram and even on Twitter.

Known to be fond of powerful yet luxurious SUVs, Farhan Akhtar’s Jeep Grand Cherokee is the perfect car for a loving dad who is also the embodiment of finesse and power.

With ample amounts of space and horses under the bonnet, the Jeep Grand Cherokee competes with the heavy weights in the luxury SUV segment in India. Known for raw power, legendary off road capabilities and ultimate luxury, the Grand Cherokee is the best what Jeep has to offer.

But that’s not all Farhan was looking for! The Jeep Grand Cherokee is also equipped with some top of the line security features such as Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Detection, Ahead Collision Warning, Adaptive Cruise Management, and Parallel and Perpendicular Parking Help.

Jeep added to the sass and style, reiterating Farhan’s thoughts!