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Karnataka Elections Twitter Statistics

Karnataka Elections Twitter Statistics saw more than 3 million mentions over the past 3 weeks between April 25 - May 15, 2018, as breaking news, behind-the-scenes action, conversation and opinions around political parties, candidates, and leaders were trending consistently.

Despite the fact that these were State Elections, Karnataka Elections Twitter Statistics soared as the topic sparked conversation all over the country and discussions were vibrant even overseas.

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Throughout the State Elections campaign, politicians and parties regularly communicated with people all over India. Between the parties, it was a close fight in Karnataka as BJP (@BJP4Karnataka) garnered 51% of the share of voice on Twitter while Congress (@INCKarnataka) took 42%, and Janata Dal (Secular) had 7% of mentions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) emerged as the most mentioned personality during the course of #KarnatakaElections2018 on Twitter, while former Chief Minister for Karnataka Siddaramaiah (@Siddaramaiah) emerged as the most mentioned candidate on Twitter.

While the political leaders and parties were active, Twitter users also participated in dynamic conversations around the Karnataka elections with relevant hashtags and Retweets. #KarnatakaVerdict emerged as the most talked about election-related topic in the past 24 hours. The most used hashtag across the elections from Apr 25 - May 15, 2018 was #KarnatakaElections2018.

Top 5 hashtags related to #KarnatakaElection

#Karnataka Elections2018 on Twitter

Top 10 Retweeted Tweets in relation to the Karnataka Election:

Mahima Kaul, Head of Public Policy & Government, Twitter India, commented: "Twitter is where political conversations happen and where you can see all sides of a conversation when it comes to elections. Candidates and political parties have been responding to each other directly on Twitter, while voters have had a front-row view to digital campaigning in this state election. Over the past few weeks, our data shows more than three million Tweets related to the Karnataka Elections, making it one of the most talked-about state elections on Twitter.”

Launching several initiatives for Indians to provide real-time updates on the campaign trail, connect voters to politicians on the most important election issues, and to have their voices heard during the #KarnatakaElections2018, Twitter gave front-row access to users in India and across the world to see every side of the conversations. Apart from the elections voting emoji, a special event called #ElectionsOnTwitter was held in partnership with civil society organizations @AshokaIndia and @BPACofficial and media partners @thenewsminute @CNNnews18 and @News18Kannada.

The first panel discussed ‘News From the Ground’ what journalists Dhanya Rajendran (@dhanyarajendran), Editor News Minute, DP Satish (@dp_satish), Senior Editor, News 18, Vasanthi Hariprakash (@vasanthihari), Roaming Editor, Pickle Jar, Gautham Machaiah (@GauthamMachaiah), Senior Journalist has picked up through their reporting across Karnataka.

The second panel was moderated by Artika Raj (@ArnikaRaj), Social Impact Communications, Ashoka India, and asked “What Drives the Urban Vote?” Panellists were Ashwin Mahesh (@ashwinmahesh), Columnist, Meera K (@meerak), Citizen Matters co-founder and editor of Citizen Matters, and Bharath Palavalli (@bharathmp) of FOVLabs.

The third panel looked at Electoral Activism and was moderated by Revathy Ashok (@RevathyAshok), CEO-B-PAC. The panellists included Santosh Hegde, Former Judge, former Supreme Court of India, Anjali Saini (@anjali_WFR) of Whitefield Raising, and R J Smitha (@MirchiRJSmitha), Radio Mirchi.

The final session, “Digital Tsunami” moderated by Mahima Kaul, Head-Public Policy and Govt , Twitter India @misskaul included young digital leaders from Tejasvi Surya (@tejasvi_surya), Head, BJP Youth Wing, Karnataka, Aishwarya Mahadev (@aiyshmahadev), State Coordinator, Karnataka-AICC Research Department and MC Abbas (@MCABBAS), AAP Candidate, who talked about the long term impact they are going to have on digital campaigning and the election cycle.

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