RepIndia gets Chatoor, ropes in creative duo – Anoop Chugh and Neeraj Toor


RepIndia has appointed industry experts, Anoop Chugh and Neeraj Toor as the creative heads for copy and art respectively. Both of them will work closely with the top management of RepIndia.

RepIndia has roped in Chugh + Toor ‘Chatoor’ as creative heads to closely work with the management team of Archit Chenoy, Ishaan Ahuja and Ayesha Chenoy.

Anoop Chugh joins as creative head, copy; while Neeraj Toor joins as creative head, art – to spawn the creative revolution within the agency.

The duo, popularly known as Chatoor, are reporting into CEO and co-founder, RepIndia, Ayesha Chenoy.

“As an independent agency, one of the largest in the country, we have an appetite to take disruptive decisions. It’s about time Indian advertising realises art/copy can’t have one dad. That is why we have hired two of the best and most exciting dads in Chugh & Toor.”

“This is just the start of a new phase of RepIndia where duos with complementary skills, different viewpoints and different sensibilities create marketing magic,” adds Ishaan Ahuja. Managing Director.

The duo of Chugh + Toor have been working together as a creative team for the past three years. Their last assignment was with Cheil India as creative directors art/copy.

Anoop Chugh brings with him 13 years of writing experience as a journalist, car reviewer, corporate communications lead, creative director and digital media consultant.

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“I consider myself an outsider in advertising. That’s why I am under no compulsion to follow the given advertising template,” says Chugh, who doesn’t smoke. “With us, Neeraj and I have brought a new style of multiple-agencies-within-one model. We have created multiple copy-art teams across Rep, which means when we go for a pitch, we go with almost half-a-dozen ideas and not just the big idea.”

Neeraj, who has worked with Webchutney and Digiwasi, is known for his animation production. “Anoop & I believe in quirk and DIY. Pretty much why we love producing and executing most of our campaigns in-house,” reveals Neeraj.

RepIndia has further recruited with another copy/art duo of Soven Mandal & Aman Rawat, as creative leads, who are reporting into Chugh and Toor.

“We’ve only one message for the other agencies – please mark yourself safe.”