An endearing tale of father son’s connected passion by MG India

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It’s said that the love between a man and his car can only be understood by people who have felt the same kind of love with theirs! But what would you call it when a car begins to represent the memories of your loved ones, forever immortalizing itself into your heart?

Adam Sloman | #StoriesOfMG

They say 'Legacies are man-made'. A true testimony of this saying is the story of Adam Sloman, who first experienced an MG with his father and fell in love with MG cars for life. #StoriesOfMG

Posted by MG Motor India on Tuesday, 24 April 2018

That’s as briefly as Adam Solman’s lovable and ongoing tryst with MG Motor can be described. In a nearly 2 minute spot, MG Motor bring us the story of Adam and how much MG Motor means to him and his family.

Visiting India for the first time, surrounded by some of the most beautiful vintage MG Motor machines, Adam describes his very first memory of his father’s lifelong love affair with MG.

Delighted and honoured to be handed the keys to a beautifully preserved MG T-Type on the roads of India, reliving the luxurious grace that he was introduced to, back in the 70s when he was just a kid.

Adam goes on to share how his father’s beloved MG MGB-GT was passed on to him after he grew up, but was always protected by his ageing father’s flawless scrutiny that always made sure no harm ever befell his prized possession. The bond shared by Adam and his father over a piece of history that is also a family heirloom represents how the MG Motor is so much more than a car after all.

Not letting his faithful bond with MG Motor to end, Adam reveals that he does not just preserve and cherish his father’s MG MGB-GT but is also the proud owner of THREE more MG Motor vehicles.

The short but relatable video testimonial accurately puts Adam Solman’s love for MG Motor on display and was similarly appreciated by over 9.2K Facbook users who reacted to the video. It was shared over 690 times, racking up 513K views within a week.

“Whenever I see that badge, it instantly makes me think of my Dad.” says Adam at the end of the video that signals the entry of MG Motor into the Indian automobile market.

Adam’s story is just one of the many beautiful anecdotes and experiences shared by a wonderful community of MG enthusiasts, the MG Car Club, an 88 year old club with 55K registered members, a testament to its popularity all over the world.

#StoriesOfMG is a campaign based on the principles that embody the three key pillars of MG Motor tradition, the first pillar being ‘for the people’ and how few brands have managed to build a heritage as rich as MG Motor. Secondly, the MG Motor experience that has helped the brand cultivate an enduring loyalty, building the third pillar that continues to enrich the brand’s heritage, the MG Motor community.

With the campaign, MG Motor has managed to translate its cult following into online consumer engagement. Artful storytelling combined with a social push helped MG Motor set a milestone in automobile campaigns.