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Sai Kumar shares a detailed procedure of how brands, agencies, and individuals can use Twitter Analytics to track user engagement.

As we all know, Twitter is all about knowing what's happening around the world and what people are talking about right now. Twitter is basically a powerful social media platform, where the tweets or media you share is spread globally.

The “tweet” is actually what users post and interact with messages. These tweets may also comprise of media like, photos, videos, memes and gifs, etc. You can find out breaking news, entertainment, politics, sports and everyday interests.

In this post,  I’am going to explain how Twitter can be used for business and how can you reach your targeted audience through new Twitter engagement analytics from Union Metrics.

Aspects of twitter analytics: 

  • Analyze your Twitter profiles every moment with real-time updates.
  • Measure the actual reach and likes, impressions, clicks, multimedia views, etc.
  • Know how much of your primary audience you’re actually reaching.
  • Track which tweets are doing the engagement for your business.
  • Build your brand’s social presence with “hashtags” (#) for a larger reach of audience.
  • Understand what it takes to create a good content strategy.
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Through Twitter analytics you can understand how the media and content you share grows your business. Here’s how the metrics work:

  1. The account home is where you find the Twitter report card, with all the high-level statistics tracked every month. The top performing tweets are highlighted and you are introduced to the network of influencers.
  2. The tweet activity dashboard displays the impressions of your tweets for the month. You’ll get to know exactly, how many users have liked, retweeted and replied to every single tweet.
  3. The insights dashboard of your audience contains important information about the people who follow you on Twitter. The follower growth can be tracked over time and learn more regarding your follower’s demographics and interests.

The dropdown tab beside the tweet option displays many other options, in which you can find the analytics. You can also access through this url as shown here.

I have taken an example of a business profile named Mindmajix and gone through the analytics of it. Below are the values, which show how the business profile is performing on twitter.


Top tweet: The tweet that receives the highest number of impressions is known as the top tweet. Below is an example of a top tweet received for mindmajix.


Top mention: The tweet which receives highest number of impressions, that mentioned you as @handle is known as a top mention. (This can include other people’s tweets)


Top follower: The Twitter account with the highest count of followers that followed you in the month is known as a top follower. Here is an example of it:



Top media tweet: The tweet which has a media inserted in it, like a video or photo that received a huge number of impressions is known as a top media tweet. Below is an example of it:


Here are some of the ways you can utilize these insights:

  • Reshare a top media tweet in the following month to increase the chances of likes and reach more people. (with a new copy)
  • Retweet the top mentioned tweet to reach more influencers.
  • Reach out the top follower and thank the person for following and start a conversation.

To the right side of your twitter account, you’ll see some of the stats for that month. These values are great for reporting purposes. For determining the profile growth every month and to showcase your performance.

Wrapping up:

These are the some of the ways to get a track of all the user engagements on your twitter account. Using this “Twitter Analytics” feature as a measuring tool, you can promote your business in a unique way to target only the users who are important for your business growth.

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