Some of the most striking 2018 FIFA World Cup campaigns

Social Samosa presents a list of impressive World Cup campaigns from this year’s edition that managed to capture the flavour and spirit..

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World Cup campaigns

The FIFA World Cup has always been an extraordinary event, no doubt, descending from television screens to unfolding within the grasp of our hands. The iconic television ads have now been replaced by mesmerizing and elaborate campaigns, and here are the best World Cup campaigns from 2018.

Distinct memories from our childhood often contain visual manifestations of our dreams, watching our favourite superstars together, larger than life and conjuring magic on our television screens. The best World Cup ads from the past have etched themselves in our memory and every edition of the tournament presents another opportunity for brands to do the same.

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This year, perpetual FIFA World Cup mainstays such as Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola and others have gone all out for their respective World Cup campaigns, whereas some new entrants who channelled their creativity this year have also made it to our list.

Social Samosa presents a list of World Cup campaigns from this year’s edition that managed to capture the flavour and spirit of the gargantuan congregation of footballing nations.

Diario Ole

Argentinean sports daily, Diario Ole explains how an Argentinean can be recognized anywhere in the world with this amusing 1-minute spot.

Adidas - Create The Answer

The German sportswear brand is associated with some of the world’s biggest footballing nations and athletes, and their World Cup campaign features generous doses of pizzazz and star power.

Nike - Going Brazilian

Nike infuses the Brazilian flavour into this high-tempo ode to Brazil and their contribution to the sport with an ad that is meant to serve as a reminder to the South-American nation to seek redemption and bring the coveted trophy back to the land of Samba.

BWIN - Who Stole The Cup?

The online betting platform brings in some of the brightest football stars from football’s glittery past with Cafu, Diego Maradona, Stefan Effenberg and Vicente Del Bosque appearing in the first phase of the campaign film, ‘Who Stole The Cup?’

Budweiser - Light Up The World Cup


Anheuser-Busch brings the Budweiser experience to people from all over the world with Budweiser drones that are prepared to #LightUpTheWorldCup.

Gatorade - Heart Of A Lio

Gatorade deifies the Argentinean superstar with an animated campaign film that captures the birth, rise, fall and resurrection of Lionel Messi leading up to the current FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Fox Sports

One of the shortest but funniest spots to have ever been created for the FIFA World Cup, Fox Sports’ 15-second spot features former Boxing World Heavyweight Champion, Evander Holyfield watching the infamous bite incident from the previous edition of the World Cup where Urugyuan Luis Suarez bit Italian Giorgio Chielleni during a match. Holyfield, who suffered a similar ordeal against Mike Tyson, mid-fight when Tyson bit a part of Holyfield’s ear off.

Coca-Cola - Ready For and Stock up

The iconic soft-drink manufacturers maintain an Adidas-Nike type rivalry in the category with a certain ‘other’ brand and have been associated with football, especially the FIFA World Cup.

Ready For

Stock up

This year, Coca-Cola has produced two spots for the FIFA World Cup titled ‘Ready For’ and ‘Stockup’. The former involves bottles of Coca-Cola being briefed about their job as participants in the joy, sorrow and celebration of fans, and the latter depicts football fans making a run to the store to get their bottles of Coca-Cola just before the match, sarcastically teasing them, ‘You had four years’.

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