Hitachi presents Suraj Chakravarty and his hotness that is just too difficult to handle

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Hitachi Suraj Chakravarty

Hotness is definitely a desirable trait to have, but how hot is too hot? Ask Suraj Chakravarty, the boy with the Midas touch, except everything he touches, catches fire!

Although there are obvious advantages of his condition such as his chai never gets cold, his family never needs a water heater and during winters, he can effortlessly transform into a fireplace; Suraj Chakravarty found it difficult to enjoy the finer things in life.

Oven mitts, molten toys and frequent burns later, Suraj’s parents laboured for years to find a solution to their son’s ‘hotness’, only to be disappointed, until years later, the cure is discovered.

The cure? Hitachi’s new inverter AC that finally cools Suraj down, prevents global warming in the process and redeems a lifetime of unintentional pyromania, flammable physical contact and unsuccessful ice-cream eating attempts, giving Suraj’s storya happy ending.

In a quirky 3-minute spot, Hitachi get their humour quotient right with the story of Suraj Chakravarty and how he finally managed to chill in a dramatic, Bollywood-esque manner.

The spot begins with a young Suraj fighting with his sister when he loses his cool and sets the sheets on fire, followed by a montage of unfortunate ‘steaming’ encounters of Suraj and the objects he is about to burn.

Hitachi manages to narrate a chucklesome tale with oodles of quirk and amusingly dramatic moments; with hearty storytelling and a quirky narrative the brand manages to stand out amidst a clutter of summer campaigns.

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