Infographic: 70% of marketers plan on incorporating video in their Facebook marketing strategy

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Jun 07, 2018 00:52 IST
Video Marketing Statistics

With an increased push for videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, and a staggering popularity of video on Instagram and Twitter, these video marketing statistics will blow your mind.

Video has evolved to become one of the most indiscriminate and indisputable mediums of content dissemination and not only do 87% of Online Marketers employ it, nearly 45% of online audiences consume an hour of it each week! These video marketing statistics not only demonstrate the current dominance of video, not just among marketers and the audience, but also show why it’s not declining anytime soon.

Over 70% of marketers plan on incorporating video into their Facebook marketing strategy, whereas on the world’s current king of video content, YouTube, over 90% of marketers vouch for its effectiveness.

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Instagram and Twitter too aren’t far behind when it comes to favouring more and more video content on their platforms and brands are creating more and more video content in the form of Live Video Streams, Tutorials, Immersive Experiences such as VR, 360-degree, Video Content Partnerships and more. Check out some more video marketing statistics with this detailed Infographic.

Video Marketing

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