Infographic: Are brands mistaken about marketing to dads?

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Jun 20, 2018 07:04 IST
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marketing to dads

As Father’s Day passed by this weekend, a distinct lack of overall brand activity on social media as compared to Mother's Day is noticed, but is marketing to dads really expendable? Or are brands failing to target a valuable demographic?

Are brands excessively relying on the passe outlook of fathers representing a protector/superhero figure and that alone? Most brand campaigns around Father’s Day are birthed out of different aspects of this perception and debilitatingly repetitive ideas. So why do 38% of dads dislike the way they are portrayed by brands and only 7% relate to the masculine undertones depicted by brands when marketing to dads?

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Most brands do tend to lean towards the more stereotypical depictions of fathers, isolating themselves from resonating with the modern father. Surprisingly, men admit to changing brands upon becoming a parent, and as many as 72% dads say they share some aspect of household shopping responsibility.

So why are brands overlooking the potential benefits of marketing to dads, and the ones who do, are they putting their message across in the right manner? Find out more with this detailed Infographic that lists 5 important things brands need to know about marketing to dads.

marketing to dads

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