Instagram reportedly introducing an hour long video feature

Instagram video

Soon you might find yourself not cribbing about the length constraint of Instagram video as the popular photo and video sharing app is mulling over introducing a ‘new feature’. The update will allow users to post hour long videos paving way for more creativity and easy accessibility.

However the plan of increasing the Instagram video length is still tentative and there has been no official confirmation statement issued by the Facebook owned company. Also it is unclear whether the update will only concentrate on the story section of the app or will also allow users to share long videos in the main feed as well, shares a report by the Wall Street Journal.
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With over 800 million active users, Instagram has been constantly updating to meet the increasing demands and match up with the ongoing social media trends. At present, the story section of the app runs videos up to 15 seconds while the main feed allows you to post a little over 60 second long clips.
The popular photo-sharing app has added another 100 million monthly users since April and boasts of  500 million daily active users, out of which 300 million are daily navigating the Insta stories.