Snapchat announces Snap Kit for third-party apps and developers

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Snapchat announced a new tool for developers called Snap Kit loaded with four new integrations - creative kit, login kit, bitmoji kit, and story kit. This new tool will enable developers to combine some features from Snapchat and some from other third-party apps simultaneously ensuring user privacy and security.

Snapchat launched Snap Kit for developers to integrate some features from Snapchat with some features from other apps keeping in mind user privacy and security. It will have four built-in options each with its own unique and distinct feature. These four integrations are: creative kit, login kit, bitmoji kit and story kit.

The creative kit would enable developers to come up with new and funky stickers, filters and links. In addition to this, it would allow apps to integrate workout status and high scores into the Snap camera too, the login kit would enable users in unlocking new in-app features, on the other hand it would make the access and login for the users into other apps easier and faster too.

The bitmoji kit would let users express themselves using their bitmoji stickers and the story kit would allow users to publicly share stories based on location, time, captions and embed them in the other participating apps.

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“Snap Kit will help Snapchatters tap into the best parts of other apps they love and help those apps integrate some of Snapchat’s experiences into their products,” a Snapchat spokesperson said in a statement on Thursday.

“We are excited to bring other apps on board — but any future third party Snap Kit app integration submitted to us will need to go through a review and approval process to make sure we know how their integration will work. This review process will involve our trust and safety and customer operations teams — and any developer will need to agree to the privacy standards we have already built into this program,” the spokesperson added.

A claim from Snapchat assured users that their data would be safe and would not be shared without their permission. However, if an user would not use an app which they have signed into with Snapchat in over 90 days, Snap Kit will automatically disconnect the app.

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