Twitter brings Trending, Moments, search and live video together in an all-new feature

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Twitter Live curated pages

Twitter introduced a new feature combining Trending, Moments, search and live video together in Twitter Live curated pages.

Inside these pages, along with the latest tweets about events, it will show a live video related to the event too. Not to mention, the 'compose' option at the bottom!

A new feature introduced by Twitter brings Trending, Moments, search, and live video together. They are working on creating integrated pages that will bring everything together re-imagining their explore section. Users will be able to see the latest tweets about an event, a relevant live video will be shown up if required and the compose button would be at the bottom for their interaction with top tweets and other such relevant information.

“This change we’re working on is designed to make it as easy to follow an event as it is to follow a person. Without following accounts, simply by tapping one tile, you’re getting the best of the conversation on Twitter. ” Twitter Product VP Keith Coleman said in a briefing at Twitter headquarters on Tuesday.

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"The changes are part of a much larger arc in the transformation of Twitter. Twitter wants these event pages to exist for anything that’s happening in the world: Every episode of every TV show, anything that’s going on that’s remotely newsworthy, every game of every sport — that’s the dream we’re heading towards," Coleman added.

The feature will be promoted in bubbles at the top of the timeline, in search and explore tab and via personalized push notifications as well. Whether Twitter live curated pages will be rolled out basis human news aggregators or algorithms. It will also put Twitter under immense pressure to make sure no fake news gets wadded off into a live page.

The new feature however, adds wings to the content dissemination mechanism on Twitter, giving users an opportunity to take their content to a larger audience.

The new feature will roll out in some weeks from now.

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