World Music Day campaigns unite brands and consumers this year!

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World Music Day campaigns

World Music Day is a celebration of the lyrics, tunes and soulful melodies that bring the world closer, transcending any and every language, political or ideological barriers. Brands joined the celebrations with their very own World Music Day campaigns.

Before we proceed to look at the World Music Day campaigns and creative illustrations rolled out by brands across the country, let us revisit the beginning of the World Music Day festivities. Originally celebrated for the very first time in Paris, France in 1981, the day was established as a music festival called Fête de la Musique, eventually spreading worldwide.

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Brands each year join the celebrations with their respective World Music Day creatives, wishes and campaigns, connecting with their audience through the love for music. This year, brands such as Ola Cabs, Child Rights and You, Google India, Nokia India and joined the festivities on social media.

Check out all the brand messages that made it to Social Samosa’s list of World Music Day campaigns this year.

MTV India

Ola Cabs

Child Rights and You - CRY

Google India

Nokia Mobile

Red Chillies Entertainment

Yash Raj Films


Motorola India


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