#YESToYoga: YES Bank shares an important message this World Yoga Day


How often do you see a BFSI brand associating itself with World Yoga Day to communicate a message that makes sense? The answer is very rarely and this is one such rare campaign!

Come June 22, marked to celebrate the physical, mental, and spiritual discipline has been leveraged with apt precision through Yes Bank World Yoga Day Campaign. With unparalleled humor imbibed with Yoga aasans relevant to this day and age, Yes Bank drives home the message of safe banking, smart investment, and more through #YESToYoga.

With three humorous videos, #YESToYoga takes a systematic approach towards modern evils such as bank frauds and risky investment. All the videos speak of aasans named on the various financial quirks that land consumers in trouble.

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Anjaan Vyakti Vishwas Aasan is a reality check for consumers who still fall prey to scams through wherein victims are asked to share their private information for winning a certain amount of money, in spite of being urged to not share sensitive details such as passwords, pin and CVV.

Nain band nivesh Aasan is for the people who make investment decisions basis unverified tips from unqualified persons leading to losses.

The final video, Taalam Taal Aasan is a hilarious and much needed nudge for the younger demographic who’re focused on all things trending, ignore the much more important aspects such as investments and taxes.

#YESToYoga integrates an important message, YES Bank’s brand philosophy, and the essence of World Yoga Day in one seamless message.