Agency Feature – Three Fourth Solutions


Who are we?

Three Fourth Solutions is a uniquely competent brand management and digital media service provider that has worked with over 200 clients in just 4 years.

We began our journey with just three people, a 100 Sq Ft office and one idea – everything under one roof, now we are a team of 30+ individuals. Being a dynamic agency, we thrive to consistently deliver prolific concepts and solutions for our clients. Following this mantra, we have gradually expanded by offering creative solutions using the most relevant of media for our brands.

Three Fourth Solutions

What’s in the name?

For every business out there, having a solid foundation in 4 key areas – Finance, Marketing, Execution and Strategy is essential. We provide 3 of the 4 essential services to an organization except for finance. Hence, we resonate with the name – Three Fourth Solutions.

What we do?

The world is dynamic and so are we.

We operate as a multifaceted marketing agency that makes brands story-tellers and not companies. We are a one-stop solution for creating a fully integrated experience for any brand as we provide:

  • Design and creative solutions
  • Digital media marketing
  • Outbound and inbound marketing
  • Consultancy
  • Website and app development
  • Business development
  • E-Retail solutions

We do all of the above and much more!

Why we do it?

Emerging from the corporate background, when we began to initiate our own startup, there was not a single agency that provided all services under the same roof. Coordination was extremely difficult and that’s when we decided to venture into a business where 360-degree branding and IT solutions would be offered.

The avenues of marketing have been evolving and we are exploring the universe of it to deliver the best for our brands. We plunged into this as we aspire to fill the gap and ease the way of doing business for businesses.

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How we evolve?

Trends keep changing but brands shall remain the same. Following the principle of Darwinism, we adapt and toil to give our best foot forward. Learning from the mistakes made and incorporating the changing dynamics of the social world, we strive to innovate.

We believe in facing challenges head-on, come what may!

Social responsibility in social media

Privacy should be given top priority in this transparent world of the internet. In this ever-growing social world, there are endless opportunities but it takes the right vision to be responsible towards the world we live in and make an influential impact. We believe the same.

Need of the hour

Everything in this world needs to be regulated but the internet is self-regulated and complicated. There is a need for an invisible line of boundary that shouldn’t be crossed. Certain restrictions should exist with restrictions. Don’t you think?

We learned the hard way

Understanding clients, their choices and preferences was difficult at the onset of our venture, but what one must understand is the underlying motive of such a choice. That’s how one can win the rat race and stay ahead in this cut-throat competitive business world. To make this process a cakewalk, we preach that the client’s happiness and satisfaction is top priority!

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Did we just share that?

One of our clients was finicky about every little detail of the social media post. We had to make changes in one picture over 10 times to address the list of specifications. Few days later, the picture got approved by the client in one go. The newly appointed account manager intended to message on the office Whatsapp group about the approval but instead, it got sent to the client’s chat group. To our utter surprise, the owner too took a dig at this by saying that he himself was shocked that his partner approved the post in an instant! We had a pretty good laugh about it.

They work with us

Few clients we have worked with recently:

Baazar Kolkata, Farheen Rahman, Skipper Limited, Sanmarg Foundation, Mani Group, Haldirams, SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Pretty Secrets, Inc 5, CII, Kwality Walls, Bharat Cements, Pharmeasy Hoi Choi.

Industry as we foresee

The digital forum is continuously evolving and the integration of internet in our everyday lives has reinvented the entire foundation on which marketing tactics rests upon.  We believe that the digital platform requires a physical integration and the foundation on which social media rests upon might just experience a transformation of epic proportions.

A day without Internet

In today’s age, internet acts as the adrenaline that keeps our business and minds going. Once, there was an internet crisis situation in our office a few months ago and we had to call it a day at 2 in the afternoon. The entire office went in a tizzy and we ended up having a mini-office party!

Lastly, are you hiring?

We do have an opening for the following positions:

  1. Lead Art Director
  2. Full Stack Developer
  3. PHP Developer
  4. Account Manager

Interested candidates may send in their CVs at

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