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Amway's I Amway Forward celebrates the business owners on the platform in an interesting digital campaign featuring Rannvijay Singh.

Aon, a HR and Rewards consulting firm conducted a comparative analysis of the advantages of choosing to be an Amway Business Owner vis-à-vis having a full-time career in the Public or Private sector. Basis multiple parameters the results made it clear that Amway was a better career opportunity. The study was a great achievement for Amway and so they decided to share it with the world.

For this they collaborated with Chimp&z Inc, a 360 degree communication firm. The communication that was established for the brand was I Amway Forwad, indicating that one is a step forward/ahead with Amway Business Owner Model.

Angad Singh Manchanda, Co-founder of Chimp&Z inc said, “Since it was the first campaign that Amway was launching regarding their business model on digital we had to make it grand. The communication #IAmwayForward was chosen keeping in mind the entrepreneurial aspiration of people who are willing to take a step forward in life.”

During the preparation of the campaign, a story on social media went viral about an #EntrepreneurCouple where we saw 9 million+ reach on FB and Twitter when tracked & it even resulted in grabbing attention of famous celebrity like Rannvijay Singh. To much of Amway’s benefit these #EntrepreneurCouple came out to be Amway Business Owners. Seeking the opportunity because of the buzz Amway pre-launched its campaign.

The 10 day campaign started with picking up the article from famous content sites like StoryPick, PopXo and IndiaTimes about the #EntrepreneurCouple and sharing it on Amway’s social pages. Through this campaign Amway promoted its Guided Entrepreneurship Model. To intrigue people about the model, a contest was run on twitter asking people “why do they think entrepreneurship is the way forward for them?”

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The contest was open for only 1 day, resulting in 9000+ tweets, a reach of 3.5 million, made around 11 million impressions. The Hashtag for the contest, #IAmwayForward was trending on twitter for more than 5 hours. The campaign ended with 3 animated videos that had the analysis of the Aon Research.

Another major activity in the campaign was where a microsite was created for Amway, where people could fill in their details if they were interested in joining the business. In the spam of 10 days, they achieved 1500+ number of leads. The total Campaign saw 2 crore+ reach around the communication #IAmwayForward

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