Brands get creative and make people aware this World Population Day

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World Population Day

Social Samosa takes a look at the World Population Day campaigns 2018 as brands create awareness around #FamilyPlanning, the theme for this year.

11th of July is observed internationally as World Population Day. Every year, brands all over the world dedicate this day to raising awareness about the ever-increasing and urging people to put an end to this rampant population explosion through the various digital and social media campaigns. With #FamilyPlanning as the theme for this year, brands came up with innovative and interesting campaigns. Here are some of the World Population Day campaigns 2018.

1. Flipkart

2. United Nations

3. Moneycontrol

4. History TV18

5. SriLankan Airlines

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6. State Bank of India

7. Big FM

8. Bidco Africa

9. World Health Organization

10. Durex India

If you would like to share any World Population Day campaigns 2018 with us, you can do so at or in the comments below.

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